PR002 Freak
Philip GRass

May, 10 2019 

Vinyl & Digital | Redeem Download | Stream

Philip Grass Freak Cover Art
Freak 2.JPG

Freak is a single in transit - a nod towards the series of Rhodes-laced groovers released on Summer Thing (2018) and a step leftward into experimental dance music. 

The record kicks off in familiar Philip Grass fashion on 'Done with the Groove,' a shuffling house track assembled around wandering keys and pads. While a bit somber on the front half, a warm chord appears and reframes the main loop into something more uplifting and resolute. 

Side B enters unfamiliar territory. Freak Dub is a hypnotic track at the intersection of garage and techno. A deeper sentiment is evoked here than on previous work. Anxiety, a looming end of days, met with a deranged grin and ripped speaker cones. 

Freak concludes in reflection to the merits uncovered on track one and two. The title track finds a balance. While garage-adjacent, open space and soft tones maintain the track’s composure. It sits at a boiling point - a versatile track and great mixer for left-leaning sets. 

Available in digital and limited vinyl (30 units)

Releases May, 10 2019 
Written & Produced by Philip Grass
Mastered by M.A Spaventi at Spaventi Studio